Project Details

Architect - Liveload Architecture
Passivhaus - Evissa
Engineering - ENG engineers
Hydraulics - Flux Consulting
Technology - Evissa SIPs
Builder - Evissa
Landscape - Greenly

Passivhaus & SIPs for a family of four, delivered on a tight site, achieves a strong connection with the context, is spacious, bright, well-insulated, well-ventilated, airtight and most importantly makes use of every aspect available on site.

A private access via a dedicated side easement, 3 different ground floor courtyards directly linked with the habitable spaces, 2 different roof-top gardens receiving continuous irrigations from two underground rainwater tanks, solar panels and a battery, are bringing the house on Hanover St to a high level of comfort and closely to net zero energy bills.

Great indoor air quality, temperatures between 20 to 25 degrees all year round, no risk of condensation or mold growth, well ventilated & airtight spaces and a staggering 95% energy reduction from operation.

Triple glazed passivhaus certified European windows, heat recovery ventilation unit, heat pump domestic hot water unit, durable and low carbon embodied materials were just a few of the important aspects of our material and equipment selection.

The design includes long windows facing East, which fill the home with lightness and warmth, as well as a triple glazing surface to ensure coolness on hot summer days. The property also features strong acoustics, with the building fabric offering a solid barrier between inside and outside noise.

Hanover St house encapsulates all Evissa is known for: comfortable and healthy homes that enhance living.