Project Details

Architect - Evissa
Heritage Consultant - GT Architecture
Structural Engineer - N Positive
Technology - Evissa SIPs
Builder - Evissa
Photographer - Lisa Cohen

Creating a lasting legacy that respects the past while embracing the future, our approach seamlessly merges tradition with contemporary living.

This fusion prioritizes historical reverence, contextual integration, durability and sustainable living.

Learn about: Austin House

Preserving the authenticity of a Century old Victorian Terrace, a ground floor and mezzanine extension emerged, thoughtfully considering the neighbouring footprint.

Seamlessly integrated into the context, this transformation turns site challenges into strengths.

The design aims for a positive outcome, benefiting both users and neighbours alike, while fully considering building physics technicalities.

With a focus on healthy indoor air quality, our design not only transforms the space but also enhances the well-being of its occupants.

Ensuring a delicate balance between heritage and contemporaneity, we preserved the authenticity and charm embedded into context.

Client's feedback:


We first met Elena and the Evissa team when searching for an architect builder to add an extension to our 2 bedroom terrace house. We instantly connected with their vision and are now living in our beautiful renovated 3 bedroom 2 bathroom forever home.

Elena and her team's architectural design and build expertise far exceeded anything we could have dreamt of. We are elated with the result. We cannot recommend Evissa highly enough.