With superior indoor air quality and less construction waste, SIPs are the future of living.

Structural Insulated Panel System (SIPs)

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) are the go-to alternative to traditional timber framed construction.

SIPs are airtight, structurally robust, accurate, create thermally bridge free enclosures when used in conjunction with timber framing, are quick to install, well-insulated and produce zero waste on site.

SIPs are tailored to suit walls, roofs and suspended floors for residential and light commercial buildings.

Designed for healthy buildings

As airtight buildings, SIPs require mechanical ventilation which allows for superior indoor air quality. Cleaner indoor air denotes better overall health for occupants.

From enhancing sleep, to easing respiratory issues, to providing relief for people who suffer from allergies, SIPs elevate health in more ways than one.

The right mechanical ventilation system in a SIPs home, will filter out stale odours and recover the heat, to reduce the amount of energy used in operation.

SIPs thermally resistant building fabrics will maintain the indoor temperature fairly constant all year round, creating only the most comfortable spaces.

A true zero carbon build

Less energy to heat and cool. Less waste in the construction process.

By adopting advanced technology that optimises materials and being more efficient than a traditional on-site build, our SIPs are paving the path for sustainable building.

SIPs’ base materials, Neopor, Glue and Oriented Strand Board (OSB), have a lower carbon footprint when compared with other structural building systems, such as concrete slabs.

Quality assured – at the highest degree

Certification conveys confidence. It communicates quality and it reinforces integrity.

That’s why we’re proud to be the only Victorian practice to have our SIPs certified through the CodeMark Certification Scheme.

Exquisite and endorsed. Our SIPs are more than a statement.

Certified. And proud.

Our SIPs are certified through the CodeMark Certification Scheme, administered by the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB).

The panels have been tested and trusted.

We are also Registered Architects, Building Designers and Certified Passivhaus consultants.

We have created strong alliances with commercial and domestic builders who are fluent within the Passivhaus & SIPs technology and are ready to help with our projects.

Please view our CodeMark certificate.

Why people choose SIPs

Better indoor air. Better health.

All new SIPs buildings need to be equipped with a Heat Recovery Ventilation Unit (HRV).

This ensures high indoor air quality and rids your internal space of any unwelcome pollutants.

Pollen, air dust, CO2 or VOCs particles should not live in your building, and by choosing SIPs for they won’t.

Total temperature control

Continuous insulation, airtightness and ventilation are key to cultivating the right temperature in a SIPs building.

Using a Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) system that replaces indoor stale air with fresh outdoor air will ensure ideal humidity levels, knowing that the Relative Humidity Levels will also influence this.

Kinder on our climate

Being airtight and well-insulated buildings, SIPs are intrinsically green. Our SIPs buildings use less energy to heat and cool – and reduce construction and material waste through off site fabrication.

No stalling, when installing SIPs.

Building with SIPs is simple and swift. Best of all? Each project comes with installation drawings to make the process straightforward. The panels are also pre-engineered and delivered to site in 8 to 10 weeks.


Highest levels of comfort and indoor air quality. This is passivhaus.

  • Inside temperatures ~ 20°C - 25°C

  • Airtight to 0.6ach/hour @60Pa

  • No thermal bridges

  • Continuous insulation

  • Double & triple glazed windows

As Certified Passive House Designers, we’re fluent in this space.

Building diagnostics

A structurally sound building is a safe building. Yet often, during operation, buildings don’t act as designed. When building systems fail, this can create harmful environments, increase costs and cause damage.

We help prevent these faults by running building diagnostics for both new and existing buildings.

This includes analysing and considering the site and its context, the building envelope assessment, timelines, budget and the owner or developer’s plan.

Modular architecture

Swift, sleek and sustainable. There’s much to love about modular builds. At Evissa, we’ll execute the entire process – from design to build.

The journey begins with understanding your project, creating a brief, supplying an estimate and recommendations.

Once committed, we begin the process and collaboratively deliver the modular SIPs for your project.

We are here to be involved on all stages of the project and ensure the outcome is always the same - enjoy and spend your life in a healthy building.