Passivhaus standard and SIPs panels are two highly innovative and cost-effective construction approaches that when combined, can provide a remarkable improvement in the structural integrity, sustainability, and overall livability of our homes.

By integrating these two methodologies of construction, homeowners can not only enjoy enhanced energy efficiency but also benefit from superior indoor comfort, reduced environmental impacts and, most importantly, healthier and more harmonious living spaces.

The integration of Passivhaus standard focuses on creating highly energy-efficient dwellings that require minimal heating or cooling systems. This standard is prioritising energy efficiency by focusing on airtight building envelopes while providing elevated levels of insulation and the incorporating a heat recovery ventilation system to ensure that the energy consumption used for heating and cooling is significantly reduced and the indoor air quality of the structure is maximised compared to that of conventional building.

SIPs panels are prefabricated building components consisting of an insulating foam core sandwiched between two structural panels that provide excellent thermal insulation properties while simultaneously offering strength and durability to the dwelling. SIPs panels are known for their ability to create well-insulated walls, roofs, and flooring solutions that contribute to improved energy efficiency and acoustic integrity.

When Passivhaus standard is combined with SIPs panels in the design and construction of a building, the result is a highly energy efficient dwelling with exceptional thermal performance, superior insulation properties, airtightness, healthier indoor air quality and spaces that provide the perfect balance of air and light for a healthy home.

For homeowners looking to renovate or undertake a new build, the adoption of Passivhaus standard in conjunction with SIPs panels can provide their new residence with more stable indoor temperatures year-round, while minimising reliance on traditional heating or cooling systems. Other benefits include reduced energy bills, improved comfort levels through consistent temperatures within the dwelling, a reduction in external noise pollution thanks to the sound insulation properties of SIPs panels and improved indoor air quality.

Airtight enclosures delivered to passivhaus standard will minimize air leakage and ensure controlled ventilation through mechanical systems which filters out pollutants existing within a building from operation and internal finishes and the ones that enter a building existent within the external environment. Paired with SIPs, exemplary insulation properties and intrinsic airtightness levels that reduce temperature fluctuations and condensation risks within walls or roofs, allows the occupants to enjoy comfortable living spaces free from drafts, remove stale air and moisture problems that can cause a host, health-related issues.

Providing optimal ventilation throughout a building, we can improve our overall health and wellbeing; research shows that prolonged exposure to biological and chemical contaminants, poor ventilation, reduced solar access and underperforming acoustics, can trigger SBS otherwise known as Sick Building Syndrome. This is where we observe how our human senses are impacted by the specific exposure to elements high in Volatile Organic Components, poor indoor air quality, inadequate lighting, and extreme temperatures.

In addition to its environmental benefits, the integration of Passivhaus standards and SIPs promotes truly sustainable outcomes. This approach reduces our reliance on fossil fuel-based energy sources, decreases greenhouse gas emissions, and helps conserve our natural resources. The long-term durability and high thermal performance of SIPs also contribute to the longevity of the building, reducing maintenance and complex refurbishment needs.

At Evissa, we have designed our proprietary SIPs panels to meet the exacting Australian construction standards. Airtight, structurally robust, and accurate, with the ability to create thermal bridge free enclosures in construction.

We partner with developers, architects, and builders to deliver cost-effective, easy-to-install SIPs solutions for innovative projects and as certified Passivhaus designers, we offer consultancy services on Passivhaus standards and building physics, advising on all stages of project development, including planning, product selection and certification.

When Passivhaus standards are integrated with SIPs panels in any construction project, not only does it elevate the structural integrity and sustainability of the build, but it also profoundly enhances the quality of living across all our senses. Providing better lighting, use of space, airtightness, acoustic integrity and comfort all year round, which ultimately promotes a more holistic approach to healthy living in energy-efficient homes that prioritise our comfort and well-being.

At Evissa, we blend building science with material technology by infusing innovative and multi-disciplinary thinking into our builds to construct healthy dwellings that last for future generations to enjoy.

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