Individual manifestations are like incremental amalgamated fluids. We’re so immersed into our own ideas and assumptions that we just can’t comprehend a different way of existence. Sometimes it helps to step back and just observe. Encountering someone, some place or unique analytical modalities that are radically different from what we know, makes a world of difference. Seeing in depth, beyond the cover, is sustainable, as it reveals critical aspects of the choices we are about to make, and allows us to be fully informed about our decisions.

First, Evissa see our own seeing, our own comfortable way of perceiving the world, the objects around us and recognize our own assumptions. Seeing outside our own seeing would stretch our most fundamental ideas, ideals and values. Changing how we see things is often impacted by our own self-centred seeing. 

Seeing big, enables us to understand the larger context and its cultural, social, economic, historical, and political forces that shape our everyday lives. Seeing the big picture involves tolerance, acceptance and appreciation for all the components held within a system and the way they harmoniously or discordantly intercommunicate to achieve the just right outcome. 

Seeing small, translates into paying close attention to the microscopic details and understanding their role. The detailed connections, material properties and their behaviour to outside forces and environmental factors, are seen as small components of the big puzzle. The right details will give relevance to the big picture and ensure its consistency and longevity. 

Lastly, we try to see it all, piecing all things together and recognising how everything we can see interacts holistically. Claiming to have the ability to see it all is hypocritical. Knowing that seeing it all is impossible to achieve in practice, the concept should only be perceived as an axiomatic expression for its own limits, exposing ourselves to trying to understand all, enables us to accumulate a significant amount of knowledge and experience, to be able to produce better outcomes every time.

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