Its tempo always has a trigger:

The client's wish, a specific moment, cultural & economic constraints, context, a burden, a challenge or no ambition at all.

It's pure necessity, fears & hopes with triggers used as excuses.

Once committed, a predictable path begins, for us and our clients, continuous & consistent as created and perfected through years of intense labour.

Incrementally, evolution is inevitable, as each iteration, no matter how predictable, comes with its own unforeseen moments.

The project's evolution impacts everything, the viewers, owners, builders, makers, architects, with awe moments making us wiser on each occasion.

Once the exercise is completed, the teams leave, except for the viewers and owners, with our end being just the beginning.

A beginning for meaningful connections, life, habitation, joy, changing environments, curation and true identity.

The occupants will eventually leave, with buildings remaining in place to support new lives and new stories.

Make it last, as it never starts from zero and it doesn't end to nothing.

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