Project Details

Architecture - Place Form Space
Engineering - Metro Engineers
Technology - Evissa SIPs
Builder - Evissa

Alterations & Additions to existing Victorian dwelling.

The ground floor addition of 86 sqm was delivered on a tight budget. It comprises of 2 bedrooms and one lounge maintained within the old section of the house, a new generous living space which gains good solar access, office and amenities.

Within a relatively short period of time of 6 months, the Victorian heritage renovation as well as the contemporary addition were completed and ready for owner occupation in December 2019.

Having to work with a limited site access, SIPs proven to be a successful method of procurement as it allowed us to streamline the construction programs and compress the material site delivery.

Unrestricted by the design considerations, SIPs are versatile and were easily used in conjunction with timber and metal portal framing.

Knowing that metal framing was inevitable, avoiding the linear thermal bridges occuring along these members became a priority for us.

Additional insulation on the external side of the steel columns and beams was installed for this reason, with the purpose of minimising the condensation and mold growth arising across these high risk areas.

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Wills Ave, Mt Waverley